Perforated Window Decals

Perforated Window Decals

Perforated window decals/graphics allow a new means or promotional opportunities by turning glass or windows into premium advertising space. Perforated window graphics allow your advertisement to be viewed from the exterior without compromising interior visibility. We utilize exterior mounted window graphics for vehicle use, retail signage, event centers, POP displays, bus shelters, & a wide range of advertising applications.


Perforated Window graphics are made only for glass and transparent acrylic therefore we recommend preparing your surface with a glass cleaning solution to rid your surface of streaks or dust. For long-term perforated window decals, we use an optically clear UV laminate to promote outdoor longevity.



Perforated Window decals vary in terms of their visibility ratio; vehicle graphics are recommended to have 50/50 visibility while retail graphics have a 60/40 visibility ratio. Also, unlaminated window graphics will typically have an outdoor durability up to 2 years while laminated perforated window graphics will provide up to 4 years. Please note that laminated perforated window decals only come in a gloss finish.