Kiosk Graphics

Kiosk Graphics

Orange county kiosk graphics

We specializing in creating custom Kiosk graphics to distinguish and highlight your brand, products, & services. Our graphic department works diligently to create accurate templates for clients so they may change all facets of their hardware. All of our Kiosk graphics are made from premium graphic films that are meant for indoor and outdoor use so you know your custom kiosk graphics will look amazing for years to come.


The first step in creating custom kiosk graphics is to create a template for the kiosk that we may use to interchange a graphic layout.  This crucial step can either be done by proving us with a drawing of the kiosk or for our graphic department to spec the machine manually through precise measurements.  Once we have a template then it’s a matter of deciding which films and finishes would work best for your project.



The film options for our kiosk graphics depends on what type of surface your kiosk has; we use films to work with textured or non-textured surfaces so you will graphics that will not peel or separate from your kiosk.  All of our films can be finished with either a gloss or matte finish to enhance and protect your graphics but do not forget that we have specialty films such as anti-graffiti & anti-scratch that can be used upon request.