Municipal Signage

We'll design and produce an image that is sharp & professional

We have a reputation of delivering high quality services to any government entity: Police & Fire Depts, Parking Services, Public Works & more. We attribute our success with local municipalities, to our dedication and our experience with signage and branding.

  • City police and fire vehicle graphics

    Police & Fire Department Graphics

    Over the past 14 years, we have worked with numerous municipal, county, state, & federal departments to deliver high quality signage to their vehicles & interests. We understand the needs of emergency service departments; which has made our focus to systemize our client’s graphic catalog to ensure consistent graphics that are true to the department’s branding regardless of adapting the design to different projects.

  • Branding for city buildings and vehicles

    Municipal Branding

    We have been successful in building long-term business relationships with public organizations because we are a one-stop shop for all of their graphic needs. This relationship allows us to understand the branding needs of our clients so we may service our public clients accurately & consistently. We specialize in city seals, window graphics, event banners, street signage, reprographics, and cataloging needs.

  • stickers printed with increasing numbers

    Sequential Labels

    Organizing information is crucial to government interests, therefore we have the software and equipment to easily print: sequential labels custom data, & barcode labels. Whether it’s 100 or 100,000, we do not charge set-up fees or any associated costs because of advanced equipment allows us to easily produce sequential & custom data for: business licenses, parking permits, parking meter labels, product cataloging or just about any graphic.

  • Orange County Fleet Graphics

    Fleet Graphics

    We have the experience and expertise to deliver fleet graphics that are catalogued to ensure every graphic component is accurate and consistent to your brand’s image. Regardless if your fleet has various vehicle models, we will reproduce or create your artwork that can be adapted as your business grows.