Orange County Sign Boards

We specialize in foam, gatorfoam, flatbed, & aluminum Sign printing

We can create professional signs that are lightweight, durable, and ready to use for both indoor/outdoor application. We are also able to produce signs in most sizes, as well as in a variety of colors.

  • GatorFoam Board

    Foam and GatorFoam Boards

    Foam boards and Gatorfoam are ultra lightweight yet rigid that are ideal for indoor signage as well as short-term outdoor signage. Foam boards and Gatorfoam vary in thickness from 0.125” – 1.00” and come in a standard 48.00” x 96.00” sheet that is available in black and white. Both boards are excellent for mounting adhesive graphics however Gatorfoam boards may be reused due to their surface allowing for easy removal. We can route Gatorfoam boards to any shape you need so give us a call if you want to add some dimensions to your signage.

  • Flatbed Printing

    Flatbed Printing

    Flatbed printing is an excellent way to achieve a truly custom look because we can print directly on to substrates such as: wood, glass, acrylic, metallized finishes, aluminum, PVC, and many more. Our flatbed printer can achieve high resolution photo prints on substrates up to 2.00” thick that can be 48.00” x 96.00”. In addition, we utilize white & gloss spot color printing to produce amazingly unique graphics for your business.

  • Sign Boards

    Aluminum Signs

    Aluminum signs are an excellent choice for long-term outdoor signage due to their lightweight yet durable build. We offer aluminum boards that vary from 0.02 – 0.1 thick which are galvanized and finished smooth for maximum durability. All aluminum sign boards can single or double-sided with full color graphics that can be reflective or non-reflective. In addition, we can make your sign any size to fit your custom frames however please note that aluminum signs cannot be larger than 48.00” x 96.00” without being paneled.