Orange County Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle wraps deliver over 10,000 impressions a day!

Vehicle Graphics can transform your fleet into mobile billboards that draw attention and provide a cost effective means to attract potential customers to become familiar with your business.

  • Food Truck Graphics

    Food Truck Wraps

    Food trucks have exploded in popularity over the past few years which has brought many new businesses into competition—we specialize in the design and installation of food truck wraps so let us help you distinguish your brand! We’ve been wrapping food trucks for 10 years and have encountered all types of vehicle models & custom fabricated trucks that we’re confident we’ll be able to design and install your wrap with ease.

  • Vehicle Restyling Graphics

    Vehicle Restyling Wraps

    Distinguish yourself and make your vehicle stand out in a crowd with a variety of colors, finishes, and textures with our 3M and Orafol vehicle restyling films. All of our films are offer exceptional dimensional stability and conformability over curved surfaces as well as flat application areas to ensure that your vehicle restyling wrap looks amazing. With all of the color and finishing choices, we recommend giving us a call so we can discuss which options will work best for you.

  • Vehicle Stripping

    Vehicle Striping

    We specialize in creating custom vehicle striping as well as recreating OEM striping motifs for your personal or commercial vehicle. We produce all our vehicle stripes through vector-based software to ensure that your striping is accurate and consistent for higher volume orders. Our graphic films are offered in a wide selection of colors, finishes, & textures so you have a plethora of options to create a truly custom look.

  • Orange county vehicle lettering

    Vehicle Lettering

    Die-cut lettering and silhouette graphics are an excellent yet cost-effective means to brand your vehicle or to notify your audience of essential information such as contact information, contractor license number, products or services offered, or whatever you need to display. We offer a wide selection of colors and styles that you can mix and match that we can fabricate and apply for you.

  • New York Fashion Week A Lexus with Art Mural by Shantell Martin

    Specialty Wraps

    When it comes to vehicle wraps, we have encountered the common and the highly unusual. Regardless of how unique or rare your vehicle may be, we have created custom templates that have ranged from classic motorcycles to custom fabricated promotional buses that has never been wrapped before. We specialize in creating vehicle templates that will allow your custom vehicle

  • Half Wraps for your business.

    Half Wraps

    Vehicle wraps are arguably the most impactful yet cost effective means to advertise your company’s brand & message however budgetary restraints may dissuade your graphic decision so we offer half wraps as economical alternative. Through years of experience, we have worked within our client’s budgets to deliver eye-catching half wraps that still achieve an eye-catching presence at a reduced cost.

  • UCI vehicle graphics

    Fleet Graphics

    We have the experience and expertise to deliver fleet graphics that are catalogued to ensure every graphic component is accurate and consistent to your brand’s image. Regardless if your fleet has various vehicle models, we will reproduce or create your artwork that can be adapted as your business grows.

  • Advertise on your Van

    Van Wraps

    Your company van can be transformed into a mobile billboard that highlights your brand & products while you’re just cruising around town. Vans are an ideal candidate for full vehicle wraps because they’re a large canvas that can capture an audience and build brand recognition simultaneously. Van wraps not only attract potential customers but also add a dimension of professionalism to your business’s presence.

  • Vinyl Truck Wraps

    Truck Wraps

    Whether you have a full-size pick-up or heavy-duty utility truck, we can wrap your vehicle to promote brand recognition and engender hot leads. We strive to create or merely adapt your vehicle design that serves as a viable marketing resource so as your success grows; we grow with you.

  • Box truck stickers and trailer wraps

    Box Truck & Trailers

    There’s an obvious reason why you hardly see box trucks and trailers blank; the graphic real estate is too precious to leave bare. Though box trucks and trailers have more surface area that typical vehicle wraps, the costs are sometimes less due to the ease of installing graphics so we highly recommend branding your cargo vehicles to capitalize on this cost effective means to reach thousands of motorist each day.

  • Orange County Car Wraps

    Car Wraps

    Over the years we have wrapped just about every type of vehicle out there. We have successfully installed vinyl wraps on cars, trucks, SUVs, trailers, motorcycles, food trucks, and even boats! A vehicle wrap is an excellent means to generate leads & promote brand recognition however it needs to be executed well to achieve these feats so we recommend giving us a call so we can discuss your vehicle marketing ambitions.