Label Printing and Production

Decals and labels are the heart of the printing industry. At Digital Magic Signs we craft decals and labels that are all outdoor durable and can be silhouette-cut regardless of what type of graphic film we are using. Whether small or large, we can print and die-cut your sticker graphic decals quickly without compromising longevity or quality.

We offer barcode and sequentially numbered labels in most shapes and sizes. At Digital Magic Signs we have the ability to print and produce warehouse tracking labels, ID labels, asset labels and ideally any label your business needs.

Printing Labels

There are a variety of different labels that can be manufactured. We strive to offer as many options as possible for our clients and specialize in the following:

Custom Labels

We can print custom labels in any shape, size, or quantity you need. Upload your own artwork and add your own text and backgrounds.

  • Design custom labels to make your products really stand out!
  • Find a variety of product label sizes & designs!
  • Design custom labels for better branding!

Custom labels are ideal for food, beverages and cosmetic products. You can choose from cut-to-size or roll stickers. High up-front costs are eliminated with Digital Magic Signs custom digital labels and stickers.


Barcode labels are customizable, easy to use and extremely accurate ways to keep track of all types of products and information. They are the most efficient way to keep track of everything from the most expensive assets owned by a business down to the task of tracking the sale of a can of Coke. We can print all types of bar codes on vinyl that can be UV protected for outdoor use. All bar code labels can be made in any color, finish, and adhesive necessity for all types of application.

Multi-Colored Labels

Print your custom labels for promotions and marketing with Digital Magic Signs and choose between our cut-to-size labels or roll labels. Custom labels are best for showcasing detailed information about your product.  Cut-to-size labels are individually cut prints commonly used in the food businesses while roll labels are perfect as decorative and promotional tools. Multi-colored labels are also easier to apply by dispenser or by hand. Our labels are self-adhesive and can stick on any surface.

Branding Labels

Digital Magic Signs offers a versatile collection of branding and merchandising products in all shapes and sizes to help you create the exact look you want. Your business has a lot to offer, so let the world know. Our line of marketing products are designed to help your small business make a big impact. With the right mix of merchandising strategies, you can create an environment that brings customers through your door, encourages them to make a purchase, and has them return again and again.

UL Labels

With an overwhelming amount of precise instructions, purchasing the correct UL labels can often seem quite daunting. That’s where we come in–we’ve read up on UL to help you navigate its intricacies, and avoid issues with your UL inspector. There are a variety of UL certifications symbols that are collectively referred to as UL Marks. Labels that are printed with a UL Mark are not required to have specific UL approved label material, ink or durability requirements just because they have that mark.

That said, the evidence of a product’s UL certification is the UL Mark.

If it should come off, then that product is no longer considered UL certified. As a result, there sometimes are additional printing requirements that are described in your Follow-Up Service Procedure. This may require a label to be made from a specific material, ink or meet specific durability requirements. Be sure to check if any such requirement exist.

Security Labels

Security asset identification labels have been used for many years by companies and organizations to keep track of their assets. The purpose of many of our security labels is to help protect against theft. Our labels manufacture a full range of standardized asset labels that are the perfect solution to keeping your business’ assets safe, including tamper labels to protect against component theft or swapping. Our security labels can also be used to ensure that sensitive records or information has not been compromised, with security seals that are suitable for use with DVD and CD backup disks.

Holographic Labels

Custom holographic labels can add shine and luster to packaging making your product more likely to grab customers’ attention. Besides their visual appeal, holographic foil can influence perceptions about your product or brand with its high quality look and feel. These labels are designed to work with most applications; we typically recommend using a UV coating or laminate finish so your holographic labels are better protected from different elements.