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There are more opportunities to market and position your business today than ever before. With the major advances in printing technology, you have a virtually unlimited set of possibilities when it comes to promoting your product. One of the simplest ways this is done is through labels, which are now much more readily available and easily produced.

Labels are identifiers that can be made of nearly anything, from paper to polyester to vinyl. Each material is used for a different purpose. For example, vinyl labels are often used outside due to vinyl’s ability to resist moisture.

The marketing potential of labels is strong: one study noted that 8 in 10 Americans will remember a company’s name if they are given (or purchase) an item with the company’s logo on it. This provides you with an amazing reach for a comparatively low acquisition cost.

Labels are used in a variety of ways today:


More and more companies are realizing that their vehicles are a goldmine for promotions. Since they are already travelling all around the city, state, or country, they are already being viewed by thousands of people each day. Vehicle labels can be specially made for all makes and models, including van wraps and truck wraps. While full-car labels provide the most impact, half-wraps are also popular if you prefer a more modest arrangement.

Trade Shows

This can include labels for anything from kiosks to specialty signs and other machine labels – for example, labels that affix to vending machines. Employing strategic labels at trade shows is one way to draw the attention of new customers.

Interior graphics

Marketing doesn’t stop once your customer enters your office or retail space. Once inside, they still need to be persuaded to take the final step of purchasing your product or service. This is where interior graphics come into play, since your business space needs to be optimized in order to maximize your conversion rate. The potential for labels to do this is everywhere: window labels, floor graphics, window lettering, or POP displays are all high-impact ways to boost sales.

gizmo-elevator-wall-stickersOrange County Signs & Labels

This is perhaps the most obvious yet under-utilized label opportunity. While most products already have a label, the design has often been neglected. The product label not only has to catch the eye of the customer, but it also needs to give your customer the information they need to know both before buying it, and after the purchase (i.e., how to use, clean, or maintain it).

Remember that labels are extremely versatile. You can create nearly anything by playing with the size, shape, elements, layout, colors, material, finish, and many other features. In addition, labels utilize various types of adhesives for different surfaces. You may be surprised by what it is possible to create, so talk to your representative to ensure that you are taking full advantage of all of the possibilities.

Once you have decided that a label would be beneficial for your business, start the creation process by asking yourself three main questions:

  • What is the label for? Knowing which product, surface, or location you have in mind allows you to customize the design process to ensure the type of label you choose ends up maximizing the site you affix it to.
  • What size will it be? It is critical to know what size label you are looking for in order to ensure that your design is compatible with the surface area being considered.
  • What elements does it need to contain? Make sure that you include everything that you feel is necessary, whether it’s your company’s logo, tag line, contact information, or anything else that could be helpful.

Custom Label Creation

Once you have designed your label and contracted a printing company, the physical label creation process begins.

  1. First, the material on which the label will be printed needs to be prepared. For plastic labels – the most popular for affixing to products and indoor/outdoor signage – this means that the plastic needs to be molded and pressed, and then the label is cut to its appropriate dimensions.
  2. Next, the printing process is initiated. The design is printed on the labels as per the customer’s specifications. Usually, a simple proof is developed to make one final check on the label’s positioning and color, if needed. A flexographic plate is often created, which is a raised image on a relatively flexible material. Ink is applied to these plates, which are subsequently rolled onto the chosen material. This printing is done on large-scale industrial printers that usually have the capacity to create millions of labels per day.
  3. Lastly, labels are attached to their intended surface via an adhesive. This adhesive is applied according to its expected use – either a light one for a temporary adhesive, or a stronger adhesive to create a permanent label.

Label creation

Professional Decals & Sign Production

Advances in printing and cutting technologies have increased the popularity of labels in the marketplace. Take advantage of these improvements by employing labels in a way that is sure to benefit your business for years to come.

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