Step & Repeat Banners

Step & Repeat Banners

patterned banner graphics

Orange County Step and repeat banners are an excellent means to brand your next event in a fun & effective manner. Large and small companies alike understand that step and repeat banners are an economic yet effective means to have your company’s brand be displayed in photos long after your event has passed. At Digital Magic Signs we can create orange county banners with ease; all you need to jump-start your project is the size of the banner you need and your logo. We’ll handle the logistics.


As with most step and repeat banners, the main function is to display your company’s logo or cause in photography. Our step and repeat banners are crafted locally in Orange County, and tailored to eliminate glare from lighting & make your logo get noticed in an elegant manner.


Step and repeat banners are typically printed on matte banner or matte banner canvas media however we offer many non-glare fabrics banners as well as GatorFoam media walls that have looked amazing for small corporate parties or Hollywood red carpet events.