Brick and Concrete Decals

Brick and Concrete Decals

Brick and concrete graphics are a great way to advertise on surfaces that were typically considered non-application surfaces. Our brick film fits and conforms over outdoor & indoor textured surfaces such as concrete block, tile, brick, stucco, cement & most mortar lines. However, the brick film we use is adaptable to wrap around columns and complex shapes.


When applying brick and concrete decals, preparing the surface is an important step in ensuring the life of your graphics. Please allow freshly painted surfaces to cure for 3-4 weeks prior to application otherwise considerable paint damage may occur when the graphic is removed. Also, all surfaces must be properly cleaned prior to installation, which we recommend pressure-washing surfaces prior to application.



Brick and concrete decals are available in a matte or gloss finish. We only utilize cast laminates for brick and concrete decals to promote uniformity on textured surfaces.