Die-Cut Decals

Die-Cut Decals

A die-cut stickers traditionally utilize a die to generate a cut for an adhesive film. Our die-cut stickers our plotted which means we have the versatility to either kiss-cut a graphic such as vinyl lettering or to perforate a graphic film that can be punched through. Die-cut stickers can be made on any of our graphic films without the expensive cost of a set-up fee for creating a die.


Our die-cut stickers are made from adhesive films that require a vector-art file in order to generate a cut. If you have the artwork—great! If not, don’t worry, our graphic artist can generate the proper artwork so you can achieve that perfect look without worrying about the production process.


Due to the versatility of our equipment, all adhesive films can be kiss-cut or die-cut so it’s a matter of how you want your graphics to look or substrate they will be applied to. Any film can be laminated with the following finishes: gloss, matte, anti-scratch, anti-graffiti, luster, or velvet. We also offer clear and paper transfer tape along with synthetic & paper backings.

Orange County Die-Cut Decals

Die-Cut Decals are perfect for promoting your business on trucks, cars, vans, boats, store windows, and many other surfaces. Our custom die-cut stickers have an extended outdoor life and apply smoothly on any clean surface.  If you have any questions regarding your design and whether or not is fit for die-cut sticker production, give Digital Magic Signs a call to have all your questions answered!