Reflective Decals

Reflective Decals

Our reflective decals are made with engineer grade reflective film that will definitely allow your branding or message to be visible at night time. The reflective graphics we produce are DOT FP-85 and ASTM-D 4956-89 approved materials so you can be confident that your graphic will keep you seen and safe. All of our reflective graphics can be printed and die-cut with no loss of reflective.


Reflective decals that are printed either use transparent spot colors or our 7-color solvent printing process. We recommend surfaces that have a quality finish because reflective decals are quite difficult to remove. Though our reflective decals last up to 7 years, we recommend changing your reflective graphics every 3 years because the adhesive used for production is very aggressive and will be very hard to remove.



Reflective decals have two options: (1) reflective decals that are seen on police & emergency vehicles are standard; (2) reflective decals which are used on stop signs utilize a holographic reflective system that can reflect light at different angles with more intensity.