Silhouette-Cut Decals

Silhouette-Cut Decals

Silhouette cut decals are our most commonly produced graphic; with our wide selection of graphic films and styles, we are confident that you can achieve the most eye-catching graphics for your business. Silhouette-cut graphics can also be printed and have a custom cut assigned to your artwork to expand your visual options.


With any silhouette-cut graphic, you need a vector artwork file such as an EPS/AI/PDF however, if you do not have vector artwork, our graphic artists can create your artwork files. We can cut any graphic film up to 64” x 50 feet on a single panel or if your project is larger; we can panel even the largest projects.


Due to the versatility of our equipment, all adhesive films can be kiss-cut or die-cut so it’s a matter of how you want your graphics to look. Any film can be laminated with the following finishes: gloss, matte, anti-scratch, anti-graffiti, luster, or velvet. We also offer clear and paper transfer tape along with synthetic & paper backings.

Orange County Decals, Stickers, & Labels

At Digital Magic Signs silhouette-cut decals are one of our most popular products. Because of our vast selection of graphic films, our customers continue to be impressed by the versatility in design we offer. Silhouette-cut graphics are perfect to expand on your creativity and help to create a lasting product you and your clients can be proud of. We print silhouette-cut decals and stickers to meet your requirements.

All of our decals, stickers, and labels are printed using fade resistant inks or resin and directly printed onto long lasting adhesive vinyl. We pride ourselves on our top quality vinyl decals lasting for years both inside and out.