Government Seal Decals

State and local government seals are essential for identification for vehicles, buildings, and equipment. We have worked at all levels of government in producing city seals that are accurate in terms of design & color to ensure consistency among all uses of such branding. We specialize in recreating artwork therefore we are confident that your seal artwork will be adaptable to different media as well as different dimensions.


Whenever we create seals for state and local government, our first step is to obtain or create the correct artwork. Once we have your artwork on file, we swatch test key colors to ensure our seals match your existing graphics. After our artwork is approved, we then choose the proper media to fit your desired application.


All seals can be made for different application such as window graphics, vehicle decals, dimensional signs, branding labels, etc. With these uses, we offer a wide array of media & finishes to guarantee that you will achieve your intended image. Our seals are made to last because of our unique thermal printing method that is the most UV-stable; yet we protect all our seals with a premium cast laminate to promote longevity.