Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding Signage

Orange County Signs

Wayfinding signage is essential to creating a clear and concise way-finding system that informs the public of their surroundings and directs them in the right direction. We have worked with cities to develop a systematic approach in both the design and fabrication of their way-finding signage to guarantee success with the public’s orientation and navigation.


Whether you have a system in place or need to establish one, we have the experience, means of manufacturing, and imagination to create a system or match your existing way-find signage. We sit-down with our clients and emphasize a few characteristics: (1) the signage should be concise and not make people think; (2) it should be succinct and only show what is needed; and (3) reduce any excessive information. We want to ensure that your signage serves its purpose therefore the planning stage is critical in producing a successful system.


Way-Finding signage comes in many forms and we can design and produce all of it. Therefore, we recommend giving us a call to discuss what options will work best for your specific needs. We specialize in the production & design of directional board signs, directories, and decals along with fabricating custom signage to work with the features of an area.  If you have any questions on way-find signage, please give us a call to discuss your options.