Membrane Switches

Membrane Switches

Membrane Switch User interface graphics

Membrane switches are user-equipment interface utilities that allow for the facilitation of commands from users to electronic devices. Membrane switches can be as simple as touchable switches for controlling your a/c unit, and as intricate as switch panels for use with computers or membrane keyboards.


A membrane switch is a printed electronic circuit that uses pressure to open and close a circuit. Most membrane switch circuitry is screen printed using conductive inks, which are typically made of silver and/or graphite. Membrane switches are usually printed with sealed surfaces, thin profiles, and are water resistant.


Membrane switches are a cost effective alternative to rubber keypad assemblies and capacitive touch keypads. We can print water resistant membrane switches free from crevices and trap contaminants. Switches may be printed with thin profiles and added protection from UV radiation. We have completed hundreds of unique membrane switch designs for a variety of industries, including medical, security, and industrial.

Membrane Switches

Membrane switches may be also categorized as user interface devices along with display-based touch screens, and mechanical switches such as push-button, and slide switches. The main purpose of a membrane switch is to enable the operator to communicate with a piece of machinery or piece of equipment.