Box Truck & Trailers

Box Truck & Trailers

There’s an obvious reason why you hardly see box trucks and trailers blank; the graphic real estate is too precious to leave bare. Though box trucks and trailers have more surface area that typical vehicle wraps, the costs are sometimes less due to the ease of installing graphics so we highly recommend branding your cargo vehicles to capitalize on this cost effective means to reach thousands of motorist each day.


Box trucks are simple to brand due to the canvas being a rectangle therefore it’s a matter of designing an eye-catching theme, which you can provide us with the artwork or we can conceptually design for you.


Whether you choose to fully wrap your box truck or trailer or just install die-cut graphics, we have a plethora of graphic films and specialty laminates to accomplish your marketing dreams.

Orange County Vehicle Graphics

Our custom Box truck wraps can be customized to fit your box truck. We determine pricing by the overall square footage of your vehicle. If you are having trouble figuring out the square footage of your box truck, we’re happy to help! We specialize in custom box truck graphics, and encourage you to give us a call. We can turn your box truck into a moving billboard, advertising your brand to the world!