4 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Everyone has been to trade shows and seen the typical row of unimaginative booths. These booths usually only vary in size and color, and rarely stand out from one another. How many of those booths are remembered once they are no longer within view? Do they have any unique features or anything to hold your attention? More often than not the answer is no. Creating an exceptional trade show booth that not only catches the eye, but also the interest of those passing by, is imperative!

  1. Define Your Trade Show Goals

    To maximize your investment in a trade show booth you should define your goals before-hand, and every representative of your company should understand these goals. Your trade show booth is a means to an end… what is that end? Your team should to have a plan of action before attending a professional event.

  2. Pick Your Strongest Selling Points

    One of the most common mistakes a business makes when designing trade show graphics, is focusing on to many selling points or features. Many times your company will have only a few moments of someone’s attention to bring them towards your booth and into your sales funnel, and often from distance. Don’t overshadow your best chance of retention by flooding your booth with too many selling points.

    Decided your #1 and #2 selling points, then base your design around them. These should be benefits, not features. Historically people make decisions bases off of, the solution/advantage/profit that they gain from the purchase(benefit), not any distinctive technical attribute. In the words of Harvard marketing professor Theodore Levitt – “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”.

  3. Bring an Attractive Trade Show Booth

    Your trade show booth needs to stand out from your competition and design is key. With the number of competitors that attend most trade shows you really have to get creative. Start by analyzing your main goals, and strongest selling points, then think of the best ways to make those benefits stand out. The best design is not always the brightest and loudest. Many times the best design: draws the eye to the right place, is simple, easily digestible, and conveys enough meaning to peak interest.

  4. Be the Expert of Your Product

    Every company representative in attendance should be as knowledgeable as possible on what your selling, and more important what your customer’s needs will be. Ultimately the job of your trade show booth is to hook people’s attention, but it’s up to your team to make the sale (or accomplish what ever your goal may be). Having the whole team on the same page can make a difference. Also, being aware of the newest industry trends is an excellent way to engage the audience and show your expertise.

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