Advertising with Custom Decals

Custom decals are a cost-effective, simple form of advertising that is propelling many businesses to substantial growth. They can turn regular items into affordable placards for a low one-time cost. There are a number of ways that decals can help your business grow effectively with little effort and cost.

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Below are a few of the ways custom decals can help your business grow, without breaking the bank:

A Proven Investment

Creating a custom decal is an investment that pays off many times over. Decals only require a one-time cost and they keep acquiring customers for the length of their application. The longer the decal is in place, the cheaper the customer acquisition cost becomes. In fact, custom decals can facilitate over a thousand impressions per day and it has been shown that this medium has a very high retention rate. Overall, custom decals provide impactful and quality exposure.

Low Cost

Custom decals have one of the lowest costs per impression at about $0.20 per thousand impressions. In comparison, radio spots and television advertisements average about $6 to $11 per thousand impressions. This is partly due to the fact that custom decals do not require renting any advertisement space. They are generally installed on your own vehicles or storefront. Alternatively, they can also be created for tradeshows or produced as banners.

Increased Brand Awareness

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People who are not subject to traditional forms of media advertising are now opened up to you via the use of custom decals due to their ability to be applied virtually anywhere. As such, a new market has been created by accessing the places that people frequent the most, including grocery stores, college campuses, sports games, parking lots, traffic jams, and any other popular locations that you can think of. Additionally, by strategically placing your company’s logo in certain areas, you can easily target the markets that you think are most relevant to your business.

Custom decals allow you to create a new opportunity where, previously, there may not have been one. For example, in the past a car was simply a vessel for your employees to travel around in or transport materials. Now, by placing decals on the car, it’s helping your company in a new way by advertising for you in previously unreachable spots in the local area. Decals can also be used for stationary business. You can apply wall or window wraps on your storefront to make it stand out to your customers.

Brand Familiarity

Custom decals ensure that your logo and company name are constantly present in your potential customers’ minds by making them a more familiar sight. When they need someone who provides a service or product like yours, your company will be the first to pop into their head.


Decals are an ideal way to revamp your car, storefront, or booth because they are both easy to apply and easy to remove. They don’t leave any residue, thus allowing you to preserve the value of the item they are being applied to. They are also printed easily and quickly, so you can implement your new marketing strategy as soon as possible.

Custom Decals in Orange County

Custom decals can serve as an effective way to heighten your marketing efforts by creating or increasing your company’s brand awareness. Putting this new strategy into action is easier than ever with quick design, fast printing, and simple non-permanent application.