Construction Signage

Whether you’re opening a new business, remodeling, or expanding a current space, you’ll probably want to create a barrier for safety and cosmetic purposes. Why not advertise as well? This ‘wall’ provides a temporary canvas that is perfect for conveying your ideas/services and create excitement for something new. Digital Magic Signs has helped many business accomplish this, and there are some tips that have been proven more effective than others.

If your space has a storefront, place a large temporary “Coming Soon” sign while you are in the process of the change. This can be a less expensive vinyl banner before your final, permanent signage. Vinyl banners are durable enough that they can be installed months in advance of your grand opening day, and removal is simple.

vinyl coming soon bannerThis “Coming Soon” banner builds awareness and excitement for your new business and is a great introduction to your community and tell them what you will provide. It should almost promote your branding and style of the company to plant the seed of recognition and help stand out from competitors. Don’t hesitate to list your specific opening day so your future clients know when to come for their first visit.

First impressions make a huge impact on consumer behavior, and your opening day is incredibly important. Digital Magic Signs can create and install the signage you need to announce your grand opening in the best way to get your name visible and recognized to get your community thinking/ talking to their friends and family about your business. This includes some directional signage so future clientele will know how to get to you.

Vehicle wraps also help immensely. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 90% of people surveyed notice graphics on vehicles. Hundreds or thousands of people a day can see your business.