Cost of Vehicle Graphics

The Price of Advertising to +10,000 People a Day

Most Orange County sign companies that specialize in vehicle wraps will have three different costs associated with your Orange County vehicle wrap. You should understand the variations that can affect the cost of your project.

  1. Printing Vinyl-

    The costs of printing is typically set as a square foot price based on the surface area of a vehicle. Depending on the complexity of the vehicle’s shape, many areas will need an additional overprint on panels so an installer can stretch and cover the vehicle properly. In general, the overprinted areas will be an additional 5%-15% of the vehicle’s surface area.

  2. Wrap Installation –

    This variable has the widest spectrum in terms of costs. The reason for this is the complexity of the vehicle’s shape. Chevy Express vans are large surface areas but are easy to install compared to a VW bug which has a small surface area but are extreme difficult to install successfully. This is why the VW’s car wrap installation’s cost will be greater than that, of the Chevy Express van.
    It is also worth mentioning that there are different degrees of craftsmanship that will dictate the extent an installer will go through in order to wrap a vehicle. Our company has wrapped a 1500 GMC Sierra within 6-8 hours which is a standard duration. However, a show quality wrap that pays extensive attention to detail can take 2-3 times the amount of labor. The reason for this is, to completely cover a vehicle, the installer must remove: door handles, window trim, headlights, bumpers, and many other parts of the vehicle in order to fully cover the surface and protect against vinyl shrinkage.
    The quality of the wrap is mainly dependent on the experience and skill-level of the installer, for this reason it is highly advisable to hire a professional for the installation. Proper installation can be the difference between a high quality presentation that lasts years, or amateur level work that starts peeling within weeks.

  3. Design Cost of Vehicle Graphics –

    The design of the vehicle graphics can make or break an effective mobile billboard. While merely having a full vehicle wrap, does equal a high visual impact, if it is not designed well then your brand could suffer from a poorly designed vehicle graphic.
    Working with a designer that is experienced with designing vehicle wraps is a must. They need to understand the issues & intricacies that vehicle contours bring to the design process. It is not uncommon for branding firms with world-renowned reputations to produce 2D designs that do not translate well to the 3D vehicles they are meant to be applied to. The design of the graphic is the crucial starting point for a successful vehicle marketing campaign.

Because of the many factors associated with successfully wrapping any vehicle, it is important to weigh more than just the cost of vehicle graphics when choosing the printing company that will; design, print, & install your vinyl vehicle wrap. The experience, imagination, and execution of a talented print firm can make all the difference in the world, on the impression your vehicle wrap leaves with the thousands of consumers who will see it.