Decal Uses in a Manufacturing Setting

We all know that decals or labels are used for communicating. For instance, you could have a wall decal placed in your room or a window sticker on your car; that expresses your true personality. However, decals aren’t limited to art, because decals can be many different shapes and sizes and can adhere to many surfaces, they can be used practically anywhere. They offer a wide range of benefits that can prove to be very useful. In this write-up, we are going to look at how decals are used in the manufacturing sector.

Safety and Warning Signs in a Factory

safety decals
Decals are so versatile that they can be used in tons of different ways. One of the most important uses for decals are as safety signs or warning messages. From high risk work environments to large factories, people rely on decals to direct and warn people. The manufacturing environment can be quite hazardous, and accidents can lead to critical injuries or even fatalities. So, it’s easy to see why one of the primary purposes of decals in a manufacturing facility is to reduce or eliminate accidents; by clearly communicating a needed warning or direction.

Safety signs, in the form of decals, can serve as effective communication tools. They can help workers identify hazards present inside the manufacturing facility. Decals can also be used to present information that will remind workers about the possible hazards and teach them how to deal with such hazards. Apart from notifying people, these signs can be used to create awareness as well. For instance, someone might not know that switching on a certain button might cause a machine to malfunction. By placing a warning decal in that area, you can prevent your employees from doing something wrong.

Factories are usually made up of multiple divisions. In fact, their structures can be quite complex when the operations they handle are voluminous. So, it is necessary to have relevant and specific safety signs for each division. Each area of operation is bound to have its own set of hazards. Decals offer plenty of benefits here. Since they are basically labels or stickers, they can be applied to any location. For instance, you could apply one right on a piece of machinery to signal careful usage. Another advantage with decals is that they are printed quickly, so a factory can update their signs whenever they need to.


The Necessity for Safety Signs

There are a variety of safety signs and they can all be printed in the form of decals. Each of these signs holds equal importance, but, might communicate a very specific meaning. The reason for the variation is due to the fact that all risk and hazards are not the same. Plus, specificity matters in these situations. In fact, not having specificity is as good as not having a safety sign at all. Effective safety systems use a wide range of signs to get the message across.

Apart from presenting a warning, they also serve to help employees and workers respond to the situation appropriately. For instance, a sign for hazardous chemicals or gases will have the image of a person wearing a gas mask. This graphic sign does the job of both, warning and instructing the person on what to do. A simple warning will not suffice in such situations, as the employee may be left clueless about the necessary action they need to take. Such signs in a manufacturing workplace serve as important reminders. Of course, a trained workforce is equally important, but, decals are always needed. Not everyone entering a manufacturing plant may be a part of the workforce.

This is exactly why safety signs should be simple to decipher. People need to understand what they are seeing. Even a person who isn’t familiar with the signs must be able to decipher them right away. This is one of the reasons why simple text and illustrations are used for safety signs. There are mainly 4 types of safety signage used in any work environment and they all follow a universal color scheme.

  1. Red indicates danger, both, potential and immediate. In some cases, red can also indicate prohibition.
  2. Yellow, also called amber, is used to indicate precaution. If a yellow sign is spotted, it means you need to follow a process or take steps to prevent danger.
  3. Blue is usually used for highlighting instructions that are provided with warning or danger signs.
  4. Green indicates safety. In fact, most exits or escape routes are highlighted with green lettering or symbols. A factory that follows an effective safety system will have all the above mentioned signs placed where necessary.

decals can be used to remind people of safety precautions

Labels for Organizing and Sorting

There is a fairly well known example of a Tier 1 automotive supplier who did not implement proper label controls in the manufacturing unit. This error led to a tremendous amount of confusion and chaos. For instance, parts ended up being mismatched and were shipped to the wrong buyers. Eventually the supplier had to shut operations as the damages were too heavy to settle. More importantly, the supplier’s reputation was ruined beyond redemption. So, it is necessary for labels to be used appropriately within a manufacturing setting.

They simply make organizing easier. For instance, a label can be printed to list out information about the product such as manufacturing date, batch number, and care instructions. This ensures that the product is stored properly after it comes out of the manufacturing line. Labeling also ensures that the item is shipped properly and with care. Even identification becomes easier with proper labeling. If a particular product needs to be recalled or sent back for quality testing, a factory worker can detect the correct batch of products using the label. In fact, you have RFID labels that make this task significantly easier. Products are manufactured with varying qualities. In fact, there can be several variants for the same product. In order to make sorting easier, it is necessary to use appropriate labels. This helps with easier differentiation as well.

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