Interior Sign Types

Sign Types

Interior signage is a great way to interact with your customers and a way to provide additional information. At Digital Magic Signs we manufacture and install signs to comply with ADA, ADAAG (Americans with Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines) standards. Our interior signs can be customized to fit the decor of your facility and can be designed to accommodate future change.

Room ID Signage

Most public buildings will require ADA-compliant signs, which have raised text, Braille, and set graphic standards. These signs must also be installed in the proper location. We can provide both design and print services that matches virtually any interior theme. Various colors, sizes, and imagery can be combined to create interior room identification signs that are not only compliant, but functional.

Directional Signs

Directional signs make wayfinding and identification easier for people to get to their destinations. This type of signage is designed to help point clients, visitors, and employees to their destinations. We can print directory signs with information and even include your company’s logo or slogan. Our directory signs will meet both your needs and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Life Safety

Life safety signs are an important requirement in all buildings. This type of signage is used to identify exits, stairways, evacuation routes, fire extinguishers and other regulatory locations. These signs must communicate clearly. We can provide life safety signage with clear lettering and universally recognized graphics for at-a-glance safety identification. We offer a variety of government signage and municipal branding as well.

Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics are generalized interior signage designed for lobbies, hallways, offices, conference rooms, etc. These types of signs can vary in size, shape, material used, and color. We can design and put it all together to meet your decor needs. Design interior signs to match your company identity. From floor graphics, to banners and sign boards, Digital Magic Signs is able to meet your creative goals.

Orange County Signage with Digital Magic Signs

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