Lowering Costs with Batch Processing

Lowering Production Costs with Batch Processing

Manufacturers from food to printing utilize systematic ways of increasing efficiency. A primary way of reducing costs and enhancing production is a method called batch processing or batch production. This cycle is utilizing the creation of manufacturing items individually or continuously in groups or batches. Using this approach for each of the steps in the production process is dedicating efforts at the same time to an entire batch of items, where that batch pauses until the entire batch is completed.

For some situations and products, batch production is the only realistic method. At bakeries, they prepare items such as cookies for each day by dropping pieces of dough onto cookie sheets then placing the sheets in an oven. A day’s supply of fresh cookies are created in a batches.

batch processing can be effective

Similarly, in printing, batch processing would be creating various changes to similar attributes to items like decals, so the process is quicker and minimal waste and time dedication is needed. Printing items with unique software that minimizes waste in materials and time lowers costs and optimizes production periods.

Minimizing Setup Costs

In the world of signage, setup costs are necessary to have an initial project offset labor efforts. This is usually the case for a non-continuous product that has been created and only printing is required to execute. Batch production can be nearly as efficient as continuous production, such as an assembly-line work. This improves the way for your business to take less of a hit when small batch production is necessary.

Edits of Characters and QR Codes

Particularly if you make a unique product, the market may support a higher cost for something quite unique or custom. This is especially true with printing, however, new software makes it possible for changes in QR codes and text characters to be implemented with a few keystrokes. This is normally a glaringly substantial cost that could be contributed to more production values. DMS has the capabilities to utilize this revolutionary software to eliminate expenses that most signage companies pass on. Give us a ring where we will for us to detail this simplifying area and how it will improve your company’s visuals.

Simplify and Slender

Lean manufacturing approaches are designed to reduce change-over times or otherwise create a more efficient, less wasteful process. Assess which lean processes could have the biggest impact on your manufacturing or production processes by contacting us.