Macbook Sells Decals Online

A recent Apple TV campaign dubbed, Stickers, has delivered a huge spike in sales for Macbook’s online decal products. Several online vendors have reported that the Apple commercial featuring people decorating their Macbooks with individual stickers, has lead to a direct increase in online sales for Macbook decals.

Macbook commercial makes decals and sticker sales riseApple Makes a Commercial, Vendors Collect Big

One online retail company even went as far as to report quadruple the number of Macbook decal sales in the following week after the Stickers commercial was aired. An independent Etsy seller also reported an increase from 8-10 sticker orders per day to around 40-50 orders daily.

A decal is a pattern or image, typically made on a special paper, plastic, or vinyl, that sicks to most surfaces upon contact. Decals have gained popularity in recent years, with people decorating their cars, trucks, and computers, while businesses have been advertising with them for a very long time.

Decals are trending in American culture today, with the newest fad being specialty wall and floor decals for home or business use. The challenge in today’s market isn’t finding the decal you want, but quality you need. Many businesses mass produce decal products and ship them daily, but it’s the professional quality decals that truly have the ability to grab the consumer’s attention.