Static Cling Decals

Orange County Signs: Static Cling Graphics

Static cling decals can be used on polished surfaces such as metals or plastics, and are designed for a variety of uses including: advertising, personal events, temporary product markings, promotions, and protective masking.

Static cling decals are great for temporary window signage and have high reusability.

Our static cling graphics come in a matte or gloss finish and can be die-cut to any shape you need. These unique graphics are versatile and can be applied to external or internal surfaces and may be single-sided or double-sided.

What are Static Cling Decals?

Static cling decals or graphics are made of a flexible vinyl and will stick to clean glass surfaces using air moisture to adhere. Static clings stick because the vinyl material creates a suction effect when pressed against a clean, smooth surface. This is in contrast to common graphics that use an adhesive to stick to surfaces.

Static clings are most effective for indoor use, as adverse weather can affect the “cling” of the graphic. These types of graphics are most commonly used for storefront signage on windows. Their ease of installation and high resolution make them a favorite for temporary sales and promotions.

Static cling graphics are high-quality printed materials, of vinyl & ink, that use static electricity to stick to surfaces. They are widely acknowledged as simple, yet powerful marketing tools.

These unique graphics are cut precisely to the shape of the printed image, logo, or advertising and can be installed in seconds. Because of this, they can be repositioned many times, which is a contributing factor in their growing popularity. The removal of a static cling graphic is cleaner than with other vinyl stickers, because they leave little to no residue.

Applying Static Cling Decals

When applying a static cling the desired surface must be completely clean and dry. The static cling is then peeled away from the lining, then the surface and cling are dampened. The decal is then applied to the wet surface. Start at the top of the surface, and then gently lay the decal down. Smooth out any wrinkles with your hands.

Squeegee & Bubbles

Squeegee the centerline of the static cling from the top to bottom to set it into place. If you notice air pockets, rewet the top of the film and squeegee again. If bubbles appear at any time during installation, simply peel the film away from window, wet the glass and film, and reapply.

The life of your static cling decal depends on: exposure to the elements, care, and frequency of reapplication. If you take care of the surface the cling is adhered to, then you can expect the static cling to last several years.

Orange County Signs

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