The benefits of investing in weatherproof decals

Are Weatherproof Decals Worth The Investment?

It is possible to obtain decals with higher quality inks, materials, and sealants in order to weatherproof your business’s marketing graphics. However, weatherproof decals should not only be considered for outside use. Since decals can be used on doors, walls, or even floors, these high-traffic places produce a lot of stress on your decals and would benefit from being weatherproof in order to last longer.

Weatherproof Decals

Many businesses put decals on their floor, which is a great marketing move from a strategic standpoint, but it also allows wet and muddy shoes to wear out their investment if they have not invested in weatherproof inks and materials.

To create weatherproof decals, you can choose from several different techniques and materials. You can order polyester with a laser-printing technique, or vinyl with inkjet printing. Both polyester and vinyl and very durable and will hold up nicely in a wide variety of conditions.

The term “weatherproof” encompasses many different things.

Here is why each element of weatherproofing can benefit your business and increase the return on your decal investment:

Water Resistance

  • The most popular association we have with weatherproofing is water resistance. This certainly is important, which is why resins, glosses, and other infused plastics are used. In addition to this, increasingly aggressive adhesives are used in order to allow your decal to withstand frequent contact with water.


  • Ensuring your decal is tread-proof is important for those floor decals that were mentioned previously. It is also important for decals that will be touched often.

Fade Resistance

  • Making sure your decals are as tough as possible is also necessary in order to create a graphic that resists photo degradation – more commonly known as sun fading. Combining high-quality inks with superior seals will work together to produce a decal that will not fade even if you constantly leave it outside (for example, if you place it on a vehicle). While no type of ink can resist photo degradation forever, high-quality ultraviolet protective inks and seals can drastically stretch the length of time your decals can last. You can see the difference within weeks when comparing a cheaper decal versus a weatherproof one.

New Opportunities

  • Apart from protecting your investment, one major benefit of weatherproofing your decals is that it opens up many more marketing opportunities than you may have imagined were possible. This creates a cheap and flexible way to advertise your business by converting something you already have into an advertising space.

Weatherproof Decals

Protecting Your Investment

Weatherproof labels are an investment because they keep your decal – which you have already spent money on – looking as nice as possible for a longer length of time. Having faded or tattered decals is not appealing to anyone!

While it is obvious that outdoor decals need to be weatherproof, many types of interior decals – depending on how you use them – should still be weatherproof in order to maximize their resistance to wear and tear. This will ensure that they last as long as possible while also remaining professional and polished throughout their use.

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