Trade Show Booth Graphics in Orange County

Orange County Trade Show Graphics

Digital Magic Signs is a Southern California sign company that specializes in wide format printing & die-cut graphics for various applications, including trade show booths. We conceptually design, fabricate, and install trade show graphics, which range from portable booths, kiosks, to table displays.

Trade show booth graphics typically include a header graphic with your company logo and tagline, and several supporting graphics that help showcase your services and products, highlighting features that differentiate your booth from your competition.

A successful trade show booth should have brilliant graphics to attract customers and crisp images to hold their attention.

Making an Impression

Trade show graphics have to make a lasting impression on your audience. At any given trade show you may have hundreds if not thousands of people walking by your booth and in most cases your graphics are the only thing convincing them to stick around and hear your pitch.

When designing your booth, size and readability are key factors to consider. It may be wise to decide on how you want to attract new clients first, before you choose what graphics you want to use. Do you want a large banner that can be seen from across the hall? How about a tableside display stand that details all your services and products? These are questions that need to be answered in order to craft a coherent message to potential leads.

Using the Right Color

Color plays a critical role in trade show graphics because of its ability to establish the mood of a space. In fact, it can be argued that color, above all else, is the most important detail of your graphic(s).

According to a study titled, “Impact of color on marketing,” researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone, depending on the product.

Another study titled, “Exciting Red and Competent Blue” found that the effectiveness of a brand’s color scheme depends on the perceived appropriateness of the color(s) being used for that product or service.

People attribute colors to certain industries so it is important to define your culture early in the design process. The colors chosen for your booth should support the persona you want to portray as a business.

Composition of Trade Show Graphics

The composition of your trade show graphics should bring your message together. All of the text, images, and colors should create a cohesive message that is easily digestable. Your graphic composition should allow for the visitors’ eyes to naturally settle on the most important parts of your exhibit. This may be the company logo, slogan, or even other signage that displays additional information about your business.

When deciding on graphic and text composition, remember to stick to your selling points. Be aware of your trade show goals, identify what your message is, and then tailor your graphics to that.

Visual hierarchy is also very important. Key elements, such as your company logo, should be bolder and brighter than the other elements of the booth. If you want to highlight a slogan or product, they should be presented in the forefront and uncluttered by extra text or imagery.

Orange County Sign Company

Digital Magic Signs has been in the sign business for over twenty years and benefits from years of technological advances in printing. We are able to print complex imagery on your trade show booths without sacrificing quality.

Remember: People are visual learners. This is why we offer a variety of custom services in order to print the perfect graphics for your trade show.

At Digital Magic Signs, any of our trade show graphics can be fabricated to your custom specifications of size, finish, & media. Our designers have produced effective graphics for thousands of custom jobs and look forward to innovative and challenging projects. We can create a custom package for a trade show booth or work around ideas you’ve already cultivated.

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