User Interface Graphics: What Are They And How Do They Work?

What are User Interface Graphics?

Everyone has used an ATM machine, gas pump, or vending machine at some point in their lives. You’ve probably noticed that all these machines have instructional and informative graphics and logos on them – these are user interface graphics.

To break it down further, the term user interface refers to the point at which you interact with machines. The user sees the graphic on the interface when they use the machine.

Automated machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes and perform a number of functions. It is therefore important that each and every one has accurate user interface graphics to inform and instruct the user on its purpose and how to use it. This is where user interface graphics come into play.

User Interface Graphics

How and Why are User Interface Graphics Utilized?

  • User interface graphics primarily function to direct the user and help them correctly use the machine. Instructional graphics such as “Insert card here” or “Pay here” are commonly seen on automated machines. It is therefore important that user interface graphics are placed on automated machines accurately in order to enhance the user experience. They have to make sense, guide the user, and be easy to read.
  • Automated machines have software installed that allows the machine to perform its function. User interface graphics are used to complement this software and make the machines easier to use. It is therefore important that software design and user interface graphic design work in tandem.
  • User interface graphics are also used to distinguish and highlight brands, products, and services. Perhaps you need to use an ATM that specifically accepts MasterCard or ATM cards for a particular bank. How else will you know you can use it unless there is a sign there?
  • User interface graphics are also a great marketing tool. Users tend to notice signage and often choose a service because it is a brand they recognize or because of convenience. User interface graphics essentially customize automated machines and assist companies in reflecting their individuality to users. Graphics that are easy to understand attract users and keep them coming back to a particular brand.

Custom Graphics and User Interface Graphics

  • Due to the fact that a lot of these machines see heavy traffic from all kinds of users, user interface graphics are available in a wide variety of options to reduce wear and tear. Some of these options include anti-scratch, gloss, or matte finish. Quality also varies in order to suit your machine and budget. The last thing you need is a graphic that is constantly fading or subject to vandalism and too easy to remove. Various other options are available, and all graphics are easily customized.
  • It is strongly recommended that companies use customized templates. Not all machines are made alike, after all, and neither are brands. Customized templates will match the interface in order to facilitate easy implementation of future changes.
  • User interface graphics play an important role in the functionality of automated machines such as ATMs, gas pumps, vending machines, automated kiosks, and more. They could be the difference between users choosing your machine or another company’s. Don’t let your company miss out on the advantages of these customizable graphics.

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