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Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Vehicle decals are graphics that wrap around your vehicle used for advertising a business or product. Some businesses even utilize decals for seasonal promotions. Digital Magic Signs installs vehicle graphics on basically anything with a motor. This includes cars, vans, box trucks, government vehicles, and even food trucks. Our professional decals do not damage the vehicles in any way and add an extra layer of protection.

Vehicle graphics are especially useful for small businesses. Since 2001, we have seen local business owners investing more and more into graphics for their cars and trucks because of the advertising opportunity they provide. Our clients are extremely creative when it comes to what they advertise on their vehicles. We have designed and created vehicle decals for company slogans, custom art, logos, phone numbers, and holiday promotions to name a few.

Investing In Your Vehicle

The time it takes to install graphics on your vehicle depends on its size as well as the installation method (usually determined by vehicle size and scope). In most cases, your custom vehicle graphic will be installed relatively quickly.

Vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise your business or change the appearance of your vehicle. After all, anywhere you drive your message or custom wrap will be seen.

Vehicle wraps can be one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies. With one of the best cost per impressions in advertising, vehicle wraps are one of the most efficient ways to advertise in today’s market. If you aren’t looking for anything fancy, a simple business name and phone number visible on the side of your work vehicles may attribute to new calls coming in while you’re working.

Vehicle Graphics leave a lasting impression that has proven to increase sales and lead generation. Custom vehicle graphics are estimated to be seen by between 30,000 and 70,000 people per day; which makes them one of the most affordable advertising product available today.

Effectiveness of Vehicle Graphics

• 91% of people notice the words and pictures on fleet vehicles
• 75% of people develop a favorable impression of the company when fleet graphics are used
• 29% of people would base a buying decision on impressions gained from fleet graphics
• Don’t pass up this opportunity to market your company!

Statistics reported by the American Trucking Association (ATA)

There are many wrap options available. We specialize in:

Full Vehicle Wrap: This is when your entire vehicle is covered in a specialized graphic or wrap. A full vehicle decal is placed over the original paint and is an exceptional means to promote brand recognition. A full wrap can be used to completely change the color of a vehicle, and can also add a textured finish.

Half Vehicle Wrap: When you choose to wrap your vehicle in a half wrap, you give yourself the opportunity to mix and match media prints in order to help your car or truck stand out in a crowd. When mixing and matching films the client gets to dictate what films and finish we use. At Digital Magic Signs our half wrap vehicle graphics usually consist of the entire rear of the vehicle and halfway up the vehicle.

Fleet Wraps: If you have fleet vehicles in Orange County and haven’t invested in vehicle graphics, it may be time for a change. By wrapping your fleet vehicles you are then able to share your message through all that available branding space on your cars and trucks. Fleet graphics use increased visibility to boost the identity of your brand wherever your vehicles are.

Digital Magic Signs has wrapped fleet vehicles before and we have the skills and equipment to design and implement whatever you feel you may need. Ranging from a few simple words to a full sized advertisement that may cover your entire vehicle.

Truck Wraps: For our truck wraps we use your exact vehicle make and model to create an artwork proof that displays exactly how your wrap graphics will fit on your truck.  We exclusively employ 3M graphic media so you are confident that your truck graphics are composed of the industry’s highest quality films.

Van Wraps: Recently we have completed some fantastic van wraps. Vans are ideal vehicles to wrap because of the large canvas they provide. Van graphics attract potential customers by becoming traveling billboards, thus increasing impressions by the thousands over the course of the van graphics entire life.

Vehicle Wraps For Advertising

The increase in popularity for vehicles graphics and wraps can be contributed to local Orange County business owners realizing they are an affordable alternative to traditional auto paint. Vehicle graphics are also removable and weather resistant. Our specialty car wraps protect vehicles from scratches, dents, and dings that can occur on any given day.

Vehicle graphics are versatile. A wrap isn’t one size fits all. Different companies require different designs depending upon their message. For those businesses that are not looking for entire vehicle wraps, we also offer vinyl wraps that allow for complete customization of only the hood or roof of your vehicle.

These types of partial wraps are growing in popularity because the color and texture combinations are nearly limitless.

Matte vinyl wraps work great to eliminate distracting reflections, while gloss vinyl wraps appear just like paint.

For companies not looking for full vehicle wraps, investigating simple decals and custom lettering may be an avenue worth exploring.

Extra Tips and Tricks for Advertising With Your Vehicle

Simple Works

If you put too much information on your vehicle wrap it may drown out your message. You want to avoid sensory overload. We recommend picking your strongest selling point or message and then design around that.

Conformity Is Easy On The Eye

A uniform design conveys your message more effectively.

Be aware of using too many different fonts or font sizes (the font of your logo being one). If your design calls for more fonts, try to stay within the same family of fonts. You should also consider a compatible color scheme. In some cases your logo colors may work well for your vehicle wrap and in other cases they may not. Take color management seriously. You need your message to read simply, yet still grab the attention of those around you.

Size Constraints On Contact Information

When you’re creating an advertisement the size should depend on how close it will be viewed. The further away your ad, the larger it should be. Most of your vehicle graphic impressions will be less than 30 feet away. As a tip, think about the letters on your license plate. They are on the smaller end of the size your font should be.

In order for your vehicle wrap design to read naturally, your contact information should be easily visible, but not so large it takes away from the entire design of your wrap.

The Placement Of Your Graphics

Most designs are made to be flat: a billboard, a poster, a business card, so on and so forth. While most designers only have to worry about the height and width of their graphics, it is a bit more difficult when wrapping a vehicle.

Even the simplest vehicle wraps have features that may interfere with your graphics. Think of the vehicle wrap you want and then plan the placement of your graphics. Below are some locations that you may find suitable:

  • Head/tail lights
  • Door Handles
  • Windows
  • Vehicle Contours and Unique Angles
  • Hood
  • Roof

Look Professional

Arguably the most important part of your vehicle wrap. You need your graphics to look professional because a cluttered jumbled message is not going to convert new leads.

If you look professional and people are looking for your service, they will call you.

Our most successful clients designed vehicle wraps by what products or services their business offered. Then they let their vehicle wrap and graphics reflect that.

It’s good practice to keep your designs simple, yet clear. Don’t let your selling points overwhelm your design. Plan the placement of your content carefully so that your vehicle’s features do not damage the integrity of your message.

What We Do At Digital Magic Signs

We provide customized car graphics, decals, and wraps to get your vehicle noticed. Our custom graphics can be installed on hoods, doors, roofs and can cover the vehicle completely or partially. After we review the vehicle’s template we then adapt your design to the specific type of vehicle we are wrapping. At Digital Magic Signs, you have the flexibility to mix and match media to achieve a dynamic, one of a kind, visual impact.

At Digital Magic Signs, we like to provide you with the flexibility to mix and match media to achieve a unique, original visual impact.

Contact us today so we can talk about your custom vehicle decal. We can design, print, and install your vision to fit any business so all of your vehicles can generate looks and leads.