ROI for Vehicle Wraps

With so many different forms of advertising available to business owners, it can be a difficult task to figure out which is the best fit for your business. Here is a simple guide to help you decide if; wrapping your vehicle in a branded ad is the best choice for you.
Does your business use any of the following?

  • Trucks used to deliver products
  • Vehicles used for service calls
  • Cars driven by your sales force
  • A work trailer or bus

Could your business use any of the following?

  • 1 – 4 MILLION ad impressions monthly, from a local route ~ Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement
  • 91% of your target noticing the text and graphics of your advertisement ~ American Trucking Association
  • 94% recall rate for seeing your Mobile Billboard,
    80% recall rate for your specific advertisement ~ Product Acceptance and Research

toyota-truck-wrapWhy Vehicle Wraps are a Good Choice

If you answered yes to any of the above, than wrapping your vehicles with graphics could be the best form of advertising available for your business.

  • A vehicle graphic advertises while you work; no matter where you go, people will notice your ad
  • You decide the extent of your vehicle ad:
    • Full wrap, partial wrap, door graphics, or just use window decals
  • When properly installed, vehicle wraps last 3-5 years
    • Billboards – 1-6 months
      TV/Radio ads – 2-12 weeks
      Magazine ads – 1-4 weeks
  • By far, vehicle wraps are the most cost effective form of advertising, over the lifetime of the graphic
  • Increase the reach of your brand

Questions to Ask Yourself about Vehicle Graphics

A professionally installed vehicle graphic will last years, and typically creates between 30,000-70,000 impressions daily according to the Traffic Audit Bureau.

  • Think of what 30,000 new potential leads, each day; could do for your business and all you have to do is drive.
  • Think of how, everyday that you don’t have an ad on a vehicle you drive; you miss an opportunity to tell 30,000 people about your business.

What it boils down to is; if you’re serious about advertising for your business, utilizing your work vehicles as viable and effective advertising, is a must.

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