What are header system graphics? How can they be used?

Header System Graphics

Header system graphics are graphics that are custom-made to your machine in order to convey necessary information to your customer. These types of graphics are a form of user interface graphics that inform customers about your product, machine, or company. They are the types of decals you would see on a variety of automated machines, such as a gas pump, self-checkout scanner, vending machine, or an ATM.

These days, automated machines offer a number of functions, shapes, and locations. As such, header system graphics are essential to the performance of these machines in order to inform the customer about how it works and instruct them regarding how to use it.

These types of graphics need to be flexible in their construction and are therefore made with durable, lightweight materials to best suit their location.

That versatility ensures these types of graphics can be custom-built to the specifications that your particular machine may require. Some of the changeable features include:

  • Adhesion: Header system graphics can be constructed in the form of a permanent cover with impregnable adhesion, but they can also be developed as a more temporary custom decal. No matter what type of adhesion you choose, you will still want to ensure that you order a quality graphic so that it is not too easily removed before you want it to be.
  • Materials: Due to the necessary ability for these types of graphics to be extremely versatile, they can be made from either a wide variety of substrates, or from graphic films. This decision depends on the type of traffic you expect your machine to receive.
  • Template: Header system graphics are always specially measured out to the machine it will be affixed to in order to ensure that it fits properly and does the job. To make sure that the graphic fits properly, it can be cut into any shape or size you require.
  • Finishing: Depending on the type of traffic your graphic will receive, you can choose from an anti-scratch, matte, or glossy finish. For example, you may also choose a finish that makes your machine easy to wipe down and clean in order to ensure its longevity and to keep a professional look throughout the entire length of its use. Different types of finishes are also able to resist vandalism, which might be a consideration for your business. Lastly, a high-quality finish is able to effectively resist fading for a much longer time period than you may expect.

Machine Graphics

By manipulating all of these features, header system graphics are always custom-made to suit the setting within which the machine will be placed. Sometimes they have to withstand outdoor conditions, but mostly they need to be able to tolerate a heavy amount of use from different types of customers. As a result, these graphics are available in a multitude of options so that they last as long as possible while keeping costs down for you and your company. Overall, this high level of customization works for you to create something unique to your particular machines and conveys the information you choose to present.

It is important that your header system graphics are printed nicely and display accurate information since they are often the only thing available to guide your customer in using your machine correctly. The information has to be legible and logical so as to help the customer instead of hindering them.

orange county vending machine graphicsHeader System Graphics For Customer Clarity

Customers need to know how to interact with the software installed in your machine. Some machines might be more obvious in their use, such as ATMs, but your company might have a self-serve ordering system, self-scan cash, or some other type of less popular automated system. These are still new products and people will always need assistance with the steps required to use them.

Apart from serving a functional purpose, header system graphics can also be used to display brands or services. For example, some ATMs or gas stations only accept certain types of payment methods. Likewise, all vending machines only sell a specific selection of products. With these types of graphics, you can effectively convey any message to your customer. In the long run, this manner of effective communication seeks to reduce – and hopefully eliminate – frustration, which is good for your company’s image and encourages repeated use of your products or services.

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