What are Perforated Window Decals?

How can they be utilized for advertising?

Have you ever been outside a business that seemed to block off significant window space with opaque (unable to be seen through) graphics? Maybe later you went inside and noticed that you could see clearly through the same windows to the parking lot or street, as though the graphics didn’t even exist on the outside.

If you’ve ever witnessed this kind of advertising, then you’ve already become acquainted with the wonder that is the perforated window decal.

What can perforated decals do for my business?

Perforated window decals are a great option for business advertising, especially given that they utilize space and other resources effectively and efficiently. By creating an advertisement that features your business’ products and services and your organization’s name without sacrificing any of the aesthetic quality offered by bright, uncluttered windows, you make the best use of your business’ limited space in terms of buildings, vehicles, and offices.

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Perforated window decals can easily be placed on your business’ windows themselves, meaning that you can spread word of mouth without having to pay for any advertising beyond the cost of the actual decals. However, if you do want to expand your reach, you can even arrange to advertise on park and bus benches, buses, and at transportation stations, meaning that you are able to market your organization to the busy commuter.

In this article, we answer some basic questions that many businesses have about the efficacy of perforated window decals as well as some of the ways they can be utilized for advertising purposes.

What exactly are perforated window decals?

Perforated vinyl, the material from which perforated window decals are made, was initially designed to enhance privacy in personal and governmental vehicles. The idea was that this perforated vinyl would be placed on the windows, making it impossible for people outside of the vehicle to see inside without prohibiting those inside to easily see everything outside their windows.


It didn’t take long for businesses to realize the potential for this technology in terms of advertising! Nowadays, the same vinyl is attached to glass in shop and vehicle windows in order to provide the same see-through effect from the inside and visually stunning advertisement from the outside.

This quality can be particularly appealing for businesses that require customer privacy, such as banks, gyms, and real estate offices.

Where can I place my perforated window decals?

While there really are no limits as to where you might place these innovative advertising tools, some of the most popular locations for perforated window decals include:

  • Business doors and windows
  • Office spaces (indoor and outdoor)
  • Company vehicles
  • Bus stops and buses themselves
  • Transportation centers and subway stations
  • Corporate headquarters
  • And much more!

Perforated window decals are especially useful for maintaining privacy, such as in office spaces, banking centers, and exercise areas ensuring that your customers and security officers are capable of seeing outside while passersby are incapable of seeing in.


Whether your customers want privacy while taking a yoga class, prefer more security when dealing with large financial transactions, or otherwise want to feel that their personal data are being protected, perforated window decals can be a great way to make your customers feel safe.

Additionally, these perforated window decals can be put in a location that is open to the public without making customers feel that they are being trapped in an enclosed space. For example, most businesses likely prefer for their customers to have the aesthetic benefit of the sunshine and the security of being able to see out of a business’ windows, yet also want to use front door and window spaces in order to make those on the outside aware that such a business exists on the inside.

In this case, perforated window decals offer a perfect solution!

Any space that you’d like to advertise upon without making opaque, including bus stops, windows, and doors, can be great for perforated window decals. Furthermore, such advertisements can span across multiple windows or larger surfaces, making a larger message about your business possible.

Are they really effective for advertising?

Perforated window decals are as effective for spreading your business’ name as all other types of advertisements that appear on bus and park benches, business windows, signs, and vehicles, at just a fraction of the cost.

While a design on one’s storefront can attract passersby as it simultaneously makes those in the community more aware of your business’ products and services, a vehicle-based advertisement can reach a broader audience—anyone that the bus, truck, van, or car may pass on the street!

In short, perforated window decals are an exceptional option for long or short-term advertising in a variety of settings, although the most effective marketing plan will utilize these visual advertisements across a range of platforms, including buses, park benches, store fronts, and more!

Are they cost effective?

Despite being much more functional, perforated window decals are generally much more affordable than banners and full-coverage window graphics. While it is essential to utilize protective over-laminate in rainy areas and for vehicles, these costs still tend to be far more affordable while offering the same visibility as banners and full-coverage window graphics.

Furthermore, no matter how many colors you want to use in your design, the price will be the same. Perforated window decals offer exceptional flexibility in terms of color, design, size, and placement while also saving businesses a significant amount along the way.

Most design companies will even work with you as you prepare your decal in order to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.

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How easy are they to install and uninstall?

Installation is generally a two-person job that you can either perform yourself or with the help of a design center. Ensure that the surface on which you will place the decal is clean and that the weather is not inordinately hot or cold (anywhere between 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit is fine).

Once the glass surface is dry, you are good to go!

Measure the desired area and lightly mark it with pencil, tape, or water-soluble marker to delineate where the window decal will be applied. Remember to request an inch or two of excess material that you can cut away after pressing the decal (with your hands or a squeegee) and pulling away the backing, working from top to bottom.


Perforated window decals allow a new means or promotional opportunities by turning glass or windows into premium advertising space. Perforated window graphics allow your advertisement to be viewed from the exterior without compromising interior visibility. We utilize exterior mounted window graphics for vehicle use, retail signage, event centers, POP displays, bus shelters, & a wide range of advertising applications.

For a cost-effective, high impact visual advertisement, try ordering your first (or hundredth!) perforated window decal today.