Interior graphics that can help your business advertise

Custom Graphics for your Business

Graphics have the ability to amplify your business by allowing you to take advantage of underutilized advertising opportunities. Many people do not consider using the space inside their businesses to increase their reach, but this is an area that can be extremely beneficial to your business.

Through the use of various types of interior graphics, you can re-purpose this space strategically in order to advertise your company:

wall graphics in orange county

Wall graphics

You likely have ample blank space wasting away inside the building you use for your business. Put that blank canvas to good use by maximizing your message through wall graphics. This could include advertising your products, services, logo, or mission statement via a beautifully designed mural. You can also use wall graphics as an alternative to paint or wallpaper.

In order to employ wall graphics, ensure that your design is scaled correctly so that it can accommodate the large specifications required in order to print a piece of that size. Additionally, wall graphics offer a wide variety of textures and finishes, allowing you to not only avoid paint but to also create something that is more effective and more beautiful than regular painting.

Static Cling Decal

Static cling decals

These types of decals can be especially advantageous for certain types of businesses since they do not use any form of adhesive. Static cling decals are most often used on windows, but can be used on other smooth surfaces, such as plastic or metal. In addition, this type of graphic can be printed both as a single-sided design and as a double-sided design for transparent surfaces.

The advantage of these types of decals is that they allow you to display signs that you expect to be temporary or to promote ideas that you might be piloting. For example, they can be used to test out a logo or to advertise a big sale on your storefront.

Window graphics

Windows provide a large opportunity for advertising. Apart from the static cling decals, you can also create window graphics which adhere directly to glass. They can be used to create professional-looking window lettering to advertise your business name, website, or even hours of operation. Window graphics can also be adhered to the outside of the window, and can be both opaque and perforated to let in light or allow customers to peer through.

Carpet Decals

Floor graphics

People are always looking down to see where they’re going and your customers are no different. Catch their eye with something other than shoe scuffs by installing a floor graphic. This is an advertising method that is increasing in popularity due to its effectiveness in grabbing customers’ attention. Just like the aforementioned wall area, floors are another big blank space that can be put to good use for your business.

It is important that floor graphics are quality-made given that they are subjected not only to heavy foot traffic but also environmental exposure (eg., wet or muddy shoes). In general, floor graphics are adhered to the ground and are covered with a protective laminate in order to ensure longevity. As such, they can be used on a number of surfaces, and can even be used outdoors. High-quality floor graphics are also tear-resistant and slip-resistant.

Floor graphics offer you the opportunity to be especially creative. For example, you can create a design that starts off as a wall graphic and spills out onto the floor for a high-impact statement. You can also use floor graphics to add a theme to your interior. For example, a sports equipment store can commission a floor graphic designed as a soccer field.

Orange County Signs with Digital Magic Signs

Interior graphics are a great way to take advantage of an underused area. Employing this non-permanent advertising method is one way to make sure that every penny you spend goes toward growing your business. Digital Magic Signs is a Southern California sign company that specializes in wide format printing & die-cut graphics for indoor and outdoor applications. We conceptually design, fabricate, & install graphics, which range from print & cut decals, trade show displays and also full vehicle wraps