Half Wraps

Half Wraps

Vehicle wraps are arguably the most impactful yet cost effective means to advertise your company’s brand & message however budgetary restraints may dissuade your graphic decision so we offer half wraps as economical alternative. Through years of experience, we have worked within our client’s budgets to deliver eye-catching half wraps that still achieve an eye-catching presence at a reduced cost.


Our graphic artists have designed visually dynamic half wraps for large corporations to small start-ups, that receive leads and complement their marketing campaign. We can either implement your design or create a conceptual design for your brand that will work within your budget. Once we coordinate an image for your particular vehicle’s make & model, you approve it and we’ll take care of production and installation.


Vehicle graphic, half wraps, typically involve mix and matching media so you dictate what films and finish we employ. Like most full wraps, we employ 3M media that can either be finished with a matte or gloss laminate.

Orange County Vehicle Wraps

A half wrap gives you the ability to mix and match media prints in order to give your vehicle an appealing and eye-catching appearance. Our half wrap vehicle graphics normally include the entire rear of the vehicle and halfway up the vehicle, including a logo on the hood. The vinyl we use for our half vehicle wraps is made specifically for your vehicle. It can stretch and wrap around any curve and corner on your vehicle in order to draw just the right amount of attention.

Different from a full vehicle wrap, half wraps give you the freedom to mix and match patterns to create a unique product that no one else has seen on the road. Half vehicle wraps are a great method to help both small and large businesses capitalise on the benefits of out-of-home advertising in highly populated areas. Because of the unique ability to customize your message with a half wrap, you gain additional brand visibility and awareness without breaking the bank.