Vehicle Graphics FAQ

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a vinyl graphic that is applied over the original paint of a vehicle. They are typically installed to advertise a feature, service, or promotion of a business. Today, vehicle decals are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. Because of vehicle graphics rapid rise in popularity there are a lot of questions that get asked by the average car owner. At Digital Magic Signs, we aim to answer them.

Will a vehicle decal protect my vehicle?

Yes, absolutely. Every inch of your vehicle graphic is protected against the elements. Our vehicle graphics provide durability from scratches and even protection from UVs created by the sun’s rays. A vehicle decal, installed properly, will allow your paint to age naturally and prevent damage from sun exposure.

Are vehicle wraps different than paint?

Yes. Your vehicle’s paint is meant to be permanent. What does this mean? Paint is susceptible to damage from the elements, scratching, and fading. If the paint is damaged on your vehicle you are likely looking at a very expensive repair job. Vehicle decals protect your car’s painted surface and can easily be removed if you decide to sell, trade-in, or change cars. If you have your vehicle wrapped, but then decide you don’t like the way it looks, the process of changing the wrap is simple. This is not the case with paint.

How should I care for my vehicle wrap?

Wash regularly, as you would with a normal paint job. Rinse off as much dirt and grime as possible with a spray of water. Hand washing is recommended, but carwashes are acceptable as well. Be careful when washing with a pressure washer, they have the potential to life the edges of a vehicle wrap!

Are vehicle wraps expensive?

Wrapping a vehicle is one of the cheapest forms of advertisement, per impression, available to businesses! It’s also cheaper than getting a traditional paint job. Car and truck wraps have a wide range of installations. You can choose to wrap the hood, trailer, doors, or even the entire vehicle! Each vehicle graphic installation is a custom job and the cost will depend on what materials are used, the size of the car/truck/trailer, and how complicated the job is. Compared to other options for advertising(mailers, billboards, Pay-per-click, newspapers, etc) vehicle wraps offer you the most impressions for the amount of money spent. According to the Traffic Audit Bureau, vehicle wraps typically generate 30,000-70,000 impressions every day! No other form of advertising comes close to that.

Do you only wrap full vehicles?

No. Partial vehicle graphics are very commonly used. Can be installed on hoods, doors, bumpers, and windows to name a few locations! You don’t even have to have a logo. We can install your company name, telephone number, and e-mail anywhere on your vehicle.

Can I use my own design to wrap my vehicle?

Yes, of course! This is something that is actually quite common. Our team of graphic artists have designed visually bold full bodied vehicle graphics for a range of businesses, from large corporations to small start-ups so they are completely comfortable working with a design you have created yourself. Your artwork needs to have a cut path generated in order for graphics to be plotted. AI, EPS, or PDF. For more information please visit our Contact Us page.

What can be wrapped?

Our vinyl vehicle graphics are all custom designed and crafted with special care to deliver you the best possible product. We can wrap almost anything that moves, from a motorcycle chassis to a plane’s wing. Our list includes the following; cars, trucks, box trucks, food trucks, trailers, vans, suvs, and more! We do graphics for all sorts of projects, so if you have a unique product built to distinguish your company’s image we can help. Take a look at what services we offer here. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.