What is the difference between Printed Vinyl Decals and Cut Vinyl Decals?

large die cut decals

Advertising With Professional Decals

Vinyl decals provide the opportunity to create an original and outstanding design for both commercial and personal use. In business, design is of crucial importance. There’s one critical deciding factor that always leaves customers scratching their heads – the difference between cut and printed vinyl decals.

Although these two mediums are often mistaken as being synonymous with each other, there are key distinctions that should be noted in order to make the best possible choice for your design needs.

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What are Perforated Window Decals?

vaca_window graphics_fb

How can they be utilized for advertising?

Have you ever been outside a business that seemed to block off significant window space with opaque (unable to be seen through) graphics? Maybe later you went inside and noticed that you could see clearly through the same windows to the parking lot or street, as though the graphics didn’t even exist on the outside.

If you’ve ever witnessed this kind of advertising, then you’ve already become acquainted with the wonder that is the perforated window decal.

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What are header system graphics? How can they be used?

Header System Graphics

Header System Graphics

Header system graphics are graphics that are custom-made to your machine in order to convey necessary information to your customer. These types of graphics are a form of user interface graphics that inform customers about your product, machine, or company. They are the types of decals you would see on a variety of automated machines, such as a gas pump, self-checkout scanner, vending machine, or an ATM. [Read more…]

How are foam and Gatorfoam boards beneficial for advertising?

foam and gatorfoam boards

How are foam and Gatorfoam boards professionally made?

If you are looking to propel your company to the next level by increasing your brand awareness, advertising new products, or minimizing your customer acquisition cost, it is important to look for new marketing venues. To this end, there is one printing technique that is frequently used in almost every industry, but may have been overlooked or underestimated by you: foam boards and Gatorfoam boards (also known as Gatorboards) are both excellent tools for marketing your business.

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The benefits of investing in weatherproof decals

Weatherproof Decal Install

Are Weatherproof Decals Worth The Investment?

It is possible to obtain decals with higher quality inks, materials, and sealants in order to weatherproof your business’s marketing graphics. However, weatherproof decals should not only be considered for outside use. Since decals can be used on doors, walls, or even floors, these high-traffic places produce a lot of stress on your decals and would benefit from being weatherproof in order to last longer. [Read more…]

User Interface Graphics: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Membrane Switch User interface graphics

What are User Interface Graphics?

Everyone has used an ATM machine, gas pump, or vending machine at some point in their lives. You’ve probably noticed that all these machines have instructional and informative graphics and logos on them – these are user interface graphics.

To break it down further, the term user interface refers to the point at which you interact with machines. The user sees the graphic on the interface when they use the machine. [Read more…]

Interior graphics that can help your business advertise

Interior Graphics

Custom Graphics for your Business

Graphics have the ability to amplify your business by allowing you to take advantage of underutilized advertising opportunities. Many people do not consider using the space inside their businesses to increase their reach, but this is an area that can be extremely beneficial to your business.

Through the use of various types of interior graphics, you can re-purpose this space strategically in order to advertise your company: [Read more…]

Vehicle Wraps in 6 steps


Vehicle Graphics with Digital Magic Signs

You’re thinking about getting your vehicle wrapped. Whether for your business or personal use, driving around Orange County for 8 hours gives a lot of exposure: approximately 15,000 – 35,000 potential consumers per day. So what does vehicle-wrapping entail? I sat down with Anto Rayan of Digital Magic Signs to ask how they’re made, and more about the steps of this process. His impressive resume includes 15 years of design experience with commercial vehicle wraps for a diverse spectrum of clientele.

Step 1 – Proper Identification of Vehicle

“The very first step is to identify the vehicle we are working with. I’ve had jobs involving trucks, SUV’s, vans, trailers, exotic cars, boats, you name it… there’s more to ‘wrapping’ than people realize and this is what I’d like to shed some light on. [Read more…]

How Die-Cut Decals Are Made And Why They Are Useful

Orange county vehicle lettering

What is the Process to Create a Die-Cut Decal? How are They Useful for Businesses?

All businesses should be aware of what kinds of techniques and technologies are available to them when it comes to marketing their product, service, or brand. One such technology they can use to increase awareness of their products or services is the die-cut decal.

Decals are the primary method of affixing any type of picture onto a specific surface, such as paper, plastic, or virtually anything else you can think of. Unlike other traditional techniques, decals allow you to add colors and multiple types of finishes in order to make your product or company stand out. In particular, die-cut methods allow you to create decals of different shapes that specifically fit your logo or design. This is great for businesses because it allows you to customize your marketing product specifically to your needs.
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How Can Trade Show Graphics Improve Your Booth’s Appearance and Create More Leads?

Del Amo Motorsports Professional Decals

Orange County Trade Show Graphics

Stepping onto a trade show floor can be a daunting experience. Because so many businesses and organizations are trying to distinguish themselves from their competitors, the experience can lead to severe sensory overload. As someone running a booth at such an event, you therefore must consider how to make your own booth unique and appealing while avoiding overly ostentatious designs.

By working with a high-quality graphic design company, you can find such balance and help your booth make a lasting and positive impression. Remember, well-designed trade show graphics can make your booth interesting, inviting, and memorable without it being over-the-top or distracting. [Read more…]

Advertising with Custom Decals

big west_ESPN

Custom decals are a cost-effective, simple form of advertising that is propelling many businesses to substantial growth. They can turn regular items into affordable placards for a low one-time cost. There are a number of ways that decals can help your business grow effectively with little effort and cost.

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Wayfinding Signage, Decals, and City Branding

City Signage

 Orange County Signs & Decals

Signs provide vital information to passers-by, from displaying locations, to communicating a branding concept. They can come in many different forms, with each having their own advantages. The usefulness of such signs is determined by the information that they are intended to convey.

Wayfinding signage, decals, and city branding all provide a venue for message conveyance, but are developed and employed in distinct ways that are most advantageous for their intended purpose. When used together, they can offer businesses and governmental organizations a comprehensive and effective marketing campaign.

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Vehicle Graphic Tutorial

Vehicle Graphics

Designing your first Vehicle Wrap—From Start to Finish

Getting Started

Before you dive into your first vehicle wrap design, you need to be equipped with the right software and vehicle templates in order to achieve a design that will be ready to print true to scale.

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Window Decals


Advertising with Window Decals

For the past couple hundred years businesses have been using window fronts as one of their primary advertising locations. This is because windows are often the first opportunity a businesses can “sell” to potential customers.

Before a business decides to advertise on their window front, it is important they first decide what message is going to be promoted and how it will be expressed. Luckily, professional window decals are versatile. Along with coming in many different shapes and forms, window decals can also be installed on a variety of different mirrored surfaces.

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Print Ad’s Remain Relevant


Print Advertising

In a growing digital world, you might be surprised at the continued relevance print marketing still holds when it comes to converting and gathering new leads for your company. A number of studies have shown that despite digital advertising’s growth, people behave differently when viewing digital ads vs. print ads.  

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Decals and Labels to Withstand all Conditions

Orange County Decals

Decals to Withstand Weather

Outdoor stickers need to be able to stand up to wind, rain, snow, ice and other weather changes. At Digital Magic Signs we have worked to ensure that each and every custom decal, sticker, and label are water, wind, abrasion and weather proof.

Our clients can count on our professional quality decals to stay put, outlasting in many cases the products that they were designed to be used with for their business.

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What are Vehicle Graphics?

Orange County Car Decals

Vehicle Wraps and Decals in Orange County

Vehicle decals are graphics that wrap around your vehicle, typically advertising a business, promotion, or product. Orange County vehicle graphics can be installed on car, vans, trucks, trailers, buses, planes and basically anything that has a motor! These decals do not damage the vehicle in any way, and even add an extra layer of protection; typical vehicle graphics are expected to last 3 to 5 years.

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Retail Graphics

Orange County Retail graphics printer

Annual Retail Sales in the United States

A Booming Economy
Retail sales have more than doubled in the last twenty years.
More than a 200% growth in retail shopping from 1994 – 2014.

An Incredible Five Years
Annual retail sales have grown each year for the last 5 years.
With 2014 topping out at $4.62 trillion!

Growth expected to continue
Retail sales are expected to continue to grow by over 4% in 2015.
AND another 4% of growth in 2016!

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Banner Stands

Banner Stands Orange County

Retractable Banner Stands and Banners in Orange County

Retractable banner stands are compact, easy to use, and an effective attention grabbing marketing solution for any business or trade show event. Creating and utilizing the right banner stand display can be the difference maker when trying to attract people to your product or service. Depending on the size, most banner stands only require one person for set-up, so you can have an impressive advertising tool ready in seconds.

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