Wayfinding Signage, Decals, and City Branding

City Signage

 Orange County Signs & Decals

Signs provide vital information to passers-by, from displaying locations, to communicating a branding concept. They can come in many different forms, with each having their own advantages. The usefulness of such signs is determined by the information that they are intended to convey.

Wayfinding signage, decals, and city branding all provide a venue for message conveyance, but are developed and employed in distinct ways that are most advantageous for their intended purpose. When used together, they can offer businesses and governmental organizations a comprehensive and effective marketing campaign.

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Vehicle Graphic Tutorial

Vehicle Graphics

Designing your first Vehicle Wrap—From Start to Finish

Getting Started

Before you dive into your first vehicle wrap design, you need to be equipped with the right software and vehicle templates in order to achieve a design that will be ready to print true to scale.

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Window Decals


Advertising with Window Decals

For the past couple hundred years businesses have been using window fronts as one of their primary advertising locations. This is because windows are often the first opportunity a businesses can “sell” to potential customers.

Before a business decides to advertise on their window front, it is important they first decide what message is going to be promoted and how it will be expressed. Luckily, professional window decals are versatile. Along with coming in many different shapes and forms, window decals can also be installed on a variety of different mirrored surfaces.

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Print Ad’s Remain Relevant


Print Advertising

In a growing digital world, you might be surprised at the continued relevance print marketing still holds when it comes to converting and gathering new leads for your company. A number of studies have shown that despite digital advertising’s growth, people behave differently when viewing digital ads vs. print ads.  

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Decals and Labels to Withstand all Conditions

Orange County Decals

Decals to Withstand Weather

Outdoor stickers need to be able to stand up to wind, rain, snow, ice and other weather changes. At Digital Magic Signs we have worked to ensure that each and every custom decal, sticker, and label are water, wind, abrasion and weather proof.

Our clients can count on our professional quality decals to stay put, outlasting in many cases the products that they were designed to be used with for their business.

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What are Vehicle Graphics?

Orange County Car Decals

Vehicle Wraps and Decals in Orange County

Vehicle decals are graphics that wrap around your vehicle, typically advertising a business, promotion, or product. Orange County vehicle graphics can be installed on car, vans, trucks, trailers, buses, planes and basically anything that has a motor! These decals do not damage the vehicle in any way, and even add an extra layer of protection; typical vehicle graphics are expected to last 3 to 5 years.

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Retail Graphics

Orange County Retail graphics printer

Annual Retail Sales in the United States

A Booming Economy
Retail sales have more than doubled in the last twenty years.
More than a 200% growth in retail shopping from 1994 – 2014.

An Incredible Five Years
Annual retail sales have grown each year for the last 5 years.
With 2014 topping out at $4.62 trillion!

Growth expected to continue
Retail sales are expected to continue to grow by over 4% in 2015.
AND another 4% of growth in 2016!

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Banner Stands

Banner Stands Orange County

Retractable Banner Stands and Banners in Orange County

Retractable banner stands are compact, easy to use, and an effective attention grabbing marketing solution for any business or trade show event. Creating and utilizing the right banner stand display can be the difference maker when trying to attract people to your product or service. Depending on the size, most banner stands only require one person for set-up, so you can have an impressive advertising tool ready in seconds.

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Vehicle Wraps Growing in Orange County

box truck wrap

Orange County vehicle graphics on the rise

In recent years we have seen a growing trend of people wrapping their personal and work vehicles with professional graphics. Locally owned businesses have realized that advertising their line of work on their vehicles can be extremely rewarding and cost efficient. Our Orange County car wraps are printed images on 3M vinyl material that are designed to grab the attention of potential customers. After the design has been altered to the correct dimensions, the vinyl is laminated, cut, and applied directly on the vehicle. The finished product is often referred to as a car decal or a vehicle wrap.

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How to Apply Decals

Installing window stickers

Vinyl Lettering, Die-Cut Graphics, Vehicle Wraps and Stickers in Orange County

Applying decals can be a frustrating process if you do not know the proper procedure to successfully install your graphics.  We have broken down our system for installing decals, in 6 easy steps, so you will consistently install graphics that are straight and bubble-free! [Read more…]

4 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Trade Show Booths

Everyone has been to trade shows and seen the typical row of unimaginative booths. These booths usually only vary in size and color, and rarely stand out from one another. How many of those booths are remembered once they are no longer within view? Do they have any unique features or anything to hold your attention? More often than not the answer is no. Creating an exceptional trade show booth that not only catches the eye, but also the interest of those passing by, is imperative!

  1. Define Your Trade Show Goals

    To maximize your investment in a trade show booth you should define your goals before-hand, and every representative of your company should understand these goals. Your trade show booth is a means to an end… what is that end? Your team should to have a plan of action before attending a professional event.

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Marine Corps Vehicle Decals on the way out

Marine Window Decal Stickers

Recently, Marine Corps officials have begun developing plans to eliminate the vehicle decals required to access bases and air stations. The pending policy shift comes just weeks after the service issued a memo to personnel warning them and their families to take extra precautions amid threats from the Islamic State group. If approved, it would allow thousands of Marines to remove the conspicuous decals that adorn their vehicle windshields. These vehicle decals are a mandatory form of identification, that allows entry into the bases. [Read more…]

Top 5 Tips for Vehicle Graphics

Use these principles to increase leads generated with vehicle wraps

1. Keep it simple

Too much information on a vehicle advertisement can drown out your message. Your business likely has many selling points, but be aware of sensory overload. Pick your strongest subject/element/selling point and have your design centered around that.

2. Use a theme that promotes conformity

Make sure different elements of your design’s theme compliment each other. A uniform design conveys it’s message more easily, than a chaotic design.

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Vehicle Graphics Advertising

Van Wraps in Orange County

Are Vehicle Graphics cost efficient?

In today’s market you have to be able to adjust on the fly to market trends. Vehicle graphics are not only backed by statistics (over 10,000 new impressions each day), but have continued to grow in popularity so much so, that the original method of adding a simple logo or color change to your car has become outdated. Companies are now requesting unique fonts, multiple graphics, half-wraps, and even complete fleet installs on their vehicles. If you have not invested the time in considering a vehicle wrap for your vehicle, you owe it to your company to reconsider.

The average cost per impression on a vehicle with a custom graphic, is 10x more efficient than that of the newspaper!
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Trade Show Booths and Exhibits

Orange County Trade Show Displays & Graphics

How will you make your booth stand out?

Every year thousands of trade shows take place across the United States and give companies the opportunity to meet their clientele face to face, usually at the company’s booth or display. Having a professionally made trade show booth has both short and long term benefits for any company. When attending trade shows you want your booth to leave a lasting impression in people’s mind.
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Macbook Sells Decals Online

businesses promoting with sticker decals

A recent Apple TV campaign dubbed, Stickers, has delivered a huge spike in sales for Macbook’s online decal products. Several online vendors have reported that the Apple commercial featuring people decorating their Macbooks with individual stickers, has lead to a direct increase in online sales for Macbook decals. [Read more…]

Specialty Signs

A custom made specialty sign, gives a business the opportunity to have personalized graphics and displays created the way they need them to look. Our custom sign shop creates a variety of customizable graphics and displays, ranging from etched window graphics to wall and floor decals. Choosing the right sign for the right purpose is all that matters when trying to get your logo or message out into the public’s eye.
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Benefits of Banners

20' banners

Banner Advertising

Businesses have been advertising on banners for decades, and for good reason. A professionally printed banner has the ability to deliver a powerful message to potential customers.

Printed banners can be used to effectively promote:

  • New or best selling products
  • Services offered
  • Upcoming events
  • Special offers
  • Any message
  • Your company’s brand recognition
    • Company logo
    • Company website address
    • Company’s most popular social media profiles

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ROI for Vehicle Wraps


With so many different forms of advertising available to business owners, it can be a difficult task to figure out which is the best fit for your business. Here is a simple guide to help you decide if; wrapping your vehicle in a branded ad is the best choice for you.
Does your business use any of the following?

  • Trucks used to deliver products
  • Vehicles used for service calls
  • Cars driven by your sales force
  • A work trailer or bus

Could your business use any of the following?

  • 1 – 4 MILLION ad impressions monthly, from a local route ~ Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement
  • 91% of your target noticing the text and graphics of your advertisement ~ American Trucking Association
  • 94% recall rate for seeing your Mobile Billboard,
    80% recall rate for your specific advertisement ~ Product Acceptance and Research

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